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What is “The Veg Card“?

The “The Veg Card“ is bundle of privileges that esteem cardholder enjoys. It's a discount Card cum guide providing information about new restaurants and events cum your experience sharing platform cum goodies to earn.

Why do I need it?

"A penny spar'd is twice got", means by declining to spend a penny and to save one's money instead, you are a penny up rather than a penny down, hence 'twice got'. Every one visit restaurant at least twice a month with a bill of around INR 1000. That total to INR. 24,000 per year. Now if you own "The Veg Card" you will get minimum of 10 % discount on your food bill that means you will save minimum INR 2,400 in year. Apart from your regular meal you celebrate happy moments like birthday, anniversary, promotions, get-together with your friend and families. And every time you visit the restaurant you are assured of minimum 10% discount. Thus huge saving is assured.

You get to know new restaurants started in your city.

Upcoming Events in restaurants.

Special Welcome drink*.

And some goodies to win.

Where Can I Use “The Veg Card“?

You can use “The Veg Card“ at any of the 250+ affiliated restaurants in Pune.

Why restaurant offer discount?

Restaurant owners would like to reach target audience (food lovers like you) with minimal or no investment in marketing. We update our cardholders about the restaurants with their food specialty and discount they offer. Thus our cardholders gets discount while relishing their taste buds and restaurants owners are happy to reach to their target audience at minimal cost.

The restaurant we normally visit, we already get 10% discount or we already get 10% discount on showing our company ID or credit card, then why should we buy?

Firstly you get 10% discount after showing your company ID or credit card. However in case of company ID only restaurants near your company premises offer discounts and in case of credit card very few restaurant offer discount(max. 30-50 restaurant in your city)and with conditions like (discounts on min. bill amount of INR.1000 / 2000).

Secondly people like to try out new restaurants, where he will not always get discount.

We have tie-up with more than 550+ quality restaurants in Pune alone, which will grow, where you are assured to get 10-30% discount every time.

Thirdly apart from discount you get updates of new restaurants opened in your city, updates of events happening in restaurants.

Complimentary food at some restaurants.

Whether my entire family can use the same card?

Your entire family can use one card, provided he/she exhibit the card at the time of billing for availing discount.

Is there any restriction on number of people visiting any affiliated restaurant?

There is no restriction on number of people visiting any affiliated restaurant.

How many times can I use this Card in particular restaurant?

You can use the card any number of times in all restaurant, provided your card is valid.

What is the validity of the card?

Validity of the card will be as per the plan selected.

What are the other advantages of this Card?

a. Daily updates about events
b. Great rewards such as gift hampers on providing reviews
c. Save time in finding great restaurants with discounts

Will there be any change in food quality/ quantity because of discount?

Discounts given by restaurant owners are for marketing their own restaurant. If they will compromise with the quality / quantity of food, then how will they retain/ increase the customer base. In fact after showing “The Veg Card“ you will get better treatment.

In case, I lost the card/card got damaged/stolen, what should I do?

Firstly report the same to us via E-mail, we will block the card immediately. We will issue new card at nominal price of INR 200/-.

Is this card transferable?

Yes, this card is transferable.

Whom should I contact if any affiliated restaurant refuse to provide discount as mentioned on this website?

Email us with scan copy of bill at info@thevegcard.com or Call us on +91 88620 88620.

For renewing the validity of card, whom should I contact?

You can renew “The Veg Card“ by following ways
i. From “RENEW“ section on this website.
ii. Email us at info@thevegcard.com
iii. Call us on +91 88620 88620

Where can I get updated list of affiliated restaurant?

For updated list of affiliated restaurant along with discounts, visit our tie ups page or download our Mobile Application.

Is the discount applicable for home delivery?

Some restaurants provides discount for home delivery.

Is there any Mobile Application for the same?

Yes, we will have Mobile Application (by 2015) which you can download on your Android phone and use it to get updates about the discounts offered at affiliated restaurants, new restaurants and events.

Where do I buy this Card?

You can buy “The Veg Card“ by following ways
i. From “BUY NOW“ section on this website.
ii. Email us at info@thevegcard.com
iii. Call us on +91 88620 88620

Can I gift this card to my friends, relatives?

Yes, you can gift “The Veg Card“ to your friends, relatives. At the time of purchasing the card kindly mention name of person whom you are gifting this card.

For any other query, whom to contact?

You can Email us at info@thevegcard.com or call us on +91 88620 88620

What is the guarantee of this card?

This card is a initiative of Ennovata Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd. - a well-known software company in Pune, successfully working from last 8 years. Also you can yourself check, by calling any of mentioned affiliated restaurants regarding affiliations with “The Veg Card“, discount offered on showing “The Veg Card“ and other Terms & Conditions.