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The Veg Card - one of the most unique experiences for all food lovers.

Do you love to step out and enjoy great food with family and friends?

The Veg Card is perfect option to treat your taste buds.

The Veg Card is made to give a member the total freedom from the hassles that he faces while dining out. Now, you can say goodbye to all worries about the venue, the food quality, discounts and the number of invited guests. Further, you can enjoy this within your wallet too.

The Veg Card is the perfect balance of all these things along with a lot of benefits for the member. The Veg Card membership offers a lot of discounts for its members in all the participating restaurants across the city.

Using The Veg Card is very simple

1. Search the venue where you want to go
2. Select the place to dine from that venue
3. Reserve a table for you
4. Mention you are a Veg Card member
5. Enjoy the food and have a great time
6. Show the card while paying the bills

One Veg Card can be very beneficial for the entire family, as it has a lot of discounts clubbed along with it.

Celebrate the special days and make them memorable with The Veg Card membership.

You get to choose the type of food as you get the freedom with the membership card. The dine-in members can avail up to 25% discount on their food and beverages. The Veg Card ties up with the topmost restaurants and one can just select the restaurant and dine-in.

The Veg Card is more profitable for people who love to eat out more.

These restaurants that are listed in The Veg Card offer some exclusion for The Veg Card members.

The Veg Card has been made to offer the best value and excellent product for the customer's money.

The card has been proved as the most innovative product that anyone has seen so far. The card gives a control and authority to enjoy fine dining anywhere and with anyone. The card also offers great savings for the members. With this card eating out becomes more easy and pleasant and bookings are also hassle free. Make sure that you have already reserved a place, if you are dining on special days like Valentine's Day, Christmas or any special occasions.

Some of the great benefits that the card offers
1. Members are offered discounts per dining
2. Tie ups with all category of restaurants
3. Can save their dining preferences
4. Restaurant details can be availed on the website
5. Search the restaurant details from anywhere
6. The friendly agents can make the dining experience worth it

The most innovative card that offers discounts on the dining and beverages on the move with the ease of checking the details on the go.

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